Gwinganna offers a range of specialty programs featuring exceptional presenters adding a more specific focus during your stay. Choose from women's health, organic living or our unique 'Triple S' - sleep, sugar, stress program. Each program still includes daily activities, plus specialty information and tips to take home. Explore, try new activities and learn. These packages are usually three or four night stays.

  • Nourishing You - 4 nights


    Sunday 7 - Thursday 8 March 2018

    Sunday 6 - Thursday 10 May 2018

    Sunday 30 September - Thursday 4 October 2018


    A practical and inspiring program over four days, explore how you can nourish yourself on every level. Whilst nutrition is the very essence of nourishment, you will also discover it is not the only ingredient to satisfy the heart and soul of your life. Allow us to share with you the secrets of nourishing your body, mind and spirit for optimal energy and happiness every day. Read more here

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  • 'Triple S' - sleep, sugar, stress - 4 nights

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    Sunday 5 - Thursday 9 November 2017

    Wednesday 10 - Sunday 14 January 2018

    Sunday 25 - Thursday 29 March 2018


    Learn how sleep, sugar and stress are all interrelated. The 'Triple S' program will give you the tools to understand how these three essential elements, when unbalanced, will prevent you responding to situations effectively. This is an opportunity to break the unhealthy cycle of high sugar foods, stress and insomnia and help you restore balance in your daily routine. Read more here

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  • Women's Discovery - 3 nights

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    Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 March 2018

    Thursday 10 - Sunday 13 May 2018

    Essential for women of all ages, this popular stay features specialty seminars with Dr Karen Coates (MB BS Dip Obs RACOG ACNEM RACGP) who will provide vital information to improve your understanding of how to support your body to reach optimal wellness. Investigating more than just a woman’s hormonal journey through all ages, Dr Karen will help you understand how to integrate the use of health care professionals for the benefit of all the family.

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  • Women's Discovery 2 - The Next Chapter - 4 nights

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    Sunday 11 - Thursday 15 February 2018

    Sunday 15 - Thursday 19 July 2018


    We invite you to experience a four day stay focusing on the next level of women’s health. Ideal for daughters, girlfriends mothers and sisters, this is a must for women of all ages. Featuring three key women’s health specialists, you will explore solutions and the latest research in vital areas including body image, the liver, fertility, hormonal balance, herbs that can help plus a new forum with all three presenters. Ideal as a follow-on from the three day Women's Discovery program.

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  • Winter Wellness - 3 nights

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    Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018

    Thursday 19 - Sunday 22 July 2018


    This exciting new three day stay focuses on slowing down and warming up to help you enjoy a healthy stress free winter. Learn more about the importance of kidney and gut health and rest during winter, plus take home wonderful ideas and recipes for winter foods including soups, stews and fermentation. The final component is a restorative visualisation session to help with adrenal restoration.

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  • Time Out Weekend - 3 nights

    Thursday 9 - Sunday 12 November 2017 

    Thursday 15 - Sunday 18 February 2018

    Thursday 30 August - Sunday 2 September 2018


    This three day restorative program is designed to help you relax and switch off in our ideal environment. Learn more about managing stress with an exceptional wellness seminar, plus enjoy delicious organic cuisine and the chance to experience a range of nurturing activities that help create stillness in your mind and body. Take three days of time out for you to rest and de-stress.

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  • Organic Living - 3 nights

    Thursday 4 - Sunday 7 October 2018


    This retreat is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a truly inspiring and passionate presenter. Shelley Pryor has been at Gwinganna since opening and is a specialist in organic food and gardening. Shelley will share her wealth of knowledge, including how to use and grow your own medicinal herbs, great tips and recipes with you over three special days. Take home ideas to use in your kitchen or garden right away. Read more about Shelley here

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