An incredible selection of activities, tips and wellness seminars on how to live a healthier life, reduce stress and how to enhance healthier ageing. Gwinganna's retreats give you the opportunity to explore, try new activities and learn. Choose from a 2 day Wellness Weekend through to the full 7 day detox, or combine 2 or more retreats for an extended stay. Call one of our Retreat Advisors today for advice on a retreat that will suit you. Read more here

2 nights 

The ultimate wellness focused short break in a dedicated retreat environment.For more details         

3 nights 


Maximise your precious time off with one of our popular specialty retreats.

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4 nights 

Ideal for a return visit or focus on a vital area of your health and wellness.

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5 nights 

Optimum Wellbeing is the perfect wellness break to cleanse your body and empower yourself.

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7 nights 

 The Gwinganna Detox is one of our most powerful options. Leave with whiter eyes, increased vitality and glowing skin.For more details

Preparing for your stay

Learn more about how to maximise your Gwinganna expereince, including what to bring with you.  

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